Ingredient in the Spotlight: Sage

It may surprise some, but Sage is, in fact, a member of the mint family, just like Basil. Sage is one of the most aromatic of the Mediterranean herbs, with a warm, pungent fragrance. Its Latin name - Salvia - comes from the word salver, which means "to save" or "to heal", so of course Sage has been prized for its medicinal properties for centuries even before it became a favorite culinary herb. Its scent adds a savory, aromatic culinary note to perfume with hazy, soft and mildly peppery aspects. This makes Sage most commonly used in men's fragrances for its soft and earthy fragrance, which beautifully compliments lemon and mint. 


Sage Herb Perfume The Parfum Apothecary Online Fragrance

While true Sage, Salvia Officinalis, is a rare ingredient to find in perfumes, a sub-species Clary Sage is much more prevalent. With its bracing herbaceous scent that is reminiscent of lavender with leathery and amber nuances, Clary Sage is a pricey and coveted fragrance ingredient. With such dynamic and unique properties, Clary Sage is also used as a muscatel flavoring for vermouths, wines, and liqueurs. Clary sage essential oil is renowned for its mood-enhancing action, bringing a sense of euphoria. 

To experience the incredible olfactory power of Sage explore our range of fragrances that highlight this scent. Bronte Fine Parfum, a fresh and green perfume, pays homage to the epic love stories of the Bronte sisters' literature with heart notes of Clary Sage complimented by Green Tea, Lavender and Patchouli. Meditation oil perfume (also available as a pure essential oil blend) contains clary sage as a central ingredient creating a grounding 100% natural fragrance to aid mindfulness and relaxation. Yogi solid perfume uses clary sage to lift the mood and complement the body during physical activity. Bergamot & Sage handmade soap is scented with warm and woody sage and the bright freshness of citrus fruits.

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