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Blue Chamomile Eau Botanique

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The Eau Botanique range invites you to experience precious hydrosols to be used as a spray to refresh or relax, and as excellent linen and air freshener.

Made with precious hydrosols, absolutes & essential oils in a purified water substrate, the Eau Botanique allows you to experience otherwise very expensive fragrant materials at an accessible price to appreciate every day.

Hand-bag sized, Eau Botanique's can be taken with you anywhere to use for aromatherapy, perfume and mist refresher.

Blue Chamomile Eau Botanique


Scent Profile

Although rarely used in perfumery, Chamomile's complex fragrance is highly regarded, and it's precious oil highly prized. Its most obvious notes are herbaceous and intense, with an apple and tea-like quality. Chamomile has notes of hay and a dry-down of tobacco.


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