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Explore the world through the sense of scent. Created to evoke the essence of the places we've been & stories we've shared. Available for purchase individually or in collection sets.

The Fiskardo Collection

Visit Fiskardo, a village on the northernmost tip of Kefalonia island, known for its colourful houses, turquoise waters, and charming harbor. The Fiskardo Collection includes three fresh and joyous scents, inspired by the beauty of Fiskardo and the surrounding landscape.


The Athens Collection

Fresh, fruity & joyful scents - Athens in Summer. Inspired by the flavours & flora of one of the oldest cities in the world, these three Eau de Toilettes are a celebration of life's sweetness. 


The Paris Collection

Indulge in the classical scents of the Paris Collection and travel through olfactory senses to the City of Light. This collection includes three Eau de Toilettes to evoke the city’s sublime beauty and cultivated history. 


The Grasse Collection

A mesmerising collection of natural aromas borne from the authentic stories of the cultivators of Grasse. January to March the mimosa brooms flower, orange blossoms in April, May for sweet scented Roses, & the height of summer for Jasmine. The changing olfactory colours of Grasse are always captivating, and a testament to the bond the Grassoise have with the seasons, the challenges and the gifts of the natural world.



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