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'Classic Notes' Perfume Kit Instructions

A downloadable copy of the printed manual included in the 'Classic Notes' Perfume Kit.


The Greek Magical Papyri

The Greek Magical Papyri is the name given by scholars to a body of papyri from Graeco-Roman Egypt, written mostly in ancient Greek, which each contain a number of magical spells, formulae, hymns, and rituals. The materials in the papyri date from the 100s BCE to the 400s CE. This version is written in English.

Fenner's Complete Formulary

A Nineteenth Century perspective on the creation and use of medicinal herbs, that is still useful today.

Download Fenner's Complete Formulary



This is the English translation of the Brihat-samhita, one of the fundamental works of ancient Indian astronomy (known as Jyotisha). It was written in the 6th century A.D. (or 1st century B.C.) in about 4000 Sanskrit verses (slokas) by the polymath known as Varahamihira, who was considered as a great scientific scholar of mathematics, astronomy and astrology. The Brihat-samhita is written as an encyclopedia covering topics ranging from astronomy to divination and various arts such as architecture, agriculture and jewelry. The work is also known as in Sanskrit as Varāhamihira Bṛhatsaṃhitā (वराहमिहिर बृहत्संहिता).

Download Brihat-Samhita


The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Artificial Perfumes Vol. II

Ernest John Parry's important work written in 1908.

Download The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Artificial Perfumes Vol. II



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