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The Parfum Apothecary was created with the goal to unearth ancient aromatic traditions and restore the sense of scent to a central position in everyday life. Inspiration comes from a ancient manuscripts, ethnobotany, and my academic & professional background in natural history. That each of you has a life vivid and complex, with your own sensed experience is what informs the formulation of each perfume from The Parfum Apothecary. It is a privilege to share this perfumed journey with you. With every breath, smell.


Every item in the Apothecary's line is made by one person from start to finish.

Perfume formulas are blended in small batches and allowed to macerate and mature.

The aromatic concentrate is then blended with its respective solubiliser - ethanol or oil - & bottled.

Perfumer's Organ

The Apothecary's Organ contains over 300 unique notes, both natural essences and aroma molecules.

TPA has an intimate relationship with its ingredients, experimenting with new formulas and refining old ones regularly.

You and I

The Parfum Apothecary values transparency, so the highest effort is made to communicate to you the ingredients, sources and methods this perfume house utilises.

Once you place your first order, you will join our perfume family. Use the Contact form to reach me directly for any concerns or questions.

The Philosophy

Fragrance can inspire sophisticated emotions - grace, peace and wonder - or it can evoke primordial reactions - bursts of energy, sexual arousal and bodily composure. The craft of perfumery is the superlative union of art and science - it's personal yet procedural; whimsical yet codified; intangible yet of substance. It is an ancient, secretive tradition; but not nearly as ancient as the evolution of the sense of smell itself. When we smell we take the world through our bodies, and breathe it out changed for having known us. People's earliest memories are accompanied by aromas. Buried under the disorder of an entire life's experience, silent mines of scent, can trigger a detonation of memory and emotion.


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