Spotlight: Perfume Concret

These balm perfumes are made with organic beeswax infused with beautiful essences & resins. Discover 'Femme', a rich, feminine bouquet of scent, or 'Delicious', with mouth watering notes of chocolate & coffee.


Oil Perfume Secrets

"Oil Perfumes have been used for thousands of years, but the 20th century perfume landscape has been dominated by alcohol-based fragrances. With the rising popularity of face and hair oils in the past decade or so, it is unsurprising that Oil Perfumes have been making a big come back, so much so that even huge international brands are dipping their toes into the trend."

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Incredibly beautiful oil parfums and equally amazing customer service! There was a slight mix up in my order and Alex has been so wonderful and quick to rectify it, I'm very glad I stumbled across this beautiful company and will definitely be ordering from here again!

Sophie R

I just recieved my second order, and I think I have to collect all of the Aromatherapy Perfumes. They are exactly what I was looking for and I'm using them everyday.

Elizabeth M

I received my first order from you earlier this week. Two EO blends and Kashmir solid perfume...and I’m in LOVE with your products, especially the perfume. Thank you for the fast shipping, great service and especially the glorious scents that are now filling my little home each day.

Kadijeh A

Thank you for the super fast turn around. Rather than being a chore in stressful circumstances when I'm using your hand sanitiser, it is a pleasure. The perfumes in the sanitiser are delightful."

Glynis R


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