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Zoom Civet Oil (Synthetic) 5mL

Civet Oil (Synthetic) 5mL

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Civet is a musky substance secreted from the anal glands of the civet cat, a small, nocturnal mammal native to Africa and Asia. Its strong and unique scent was highly valued by perfumers, who believed it enhanced the fragrance and made it last longer. In fact, the word civet comes from the Arabic word zabad, which means ointment.

During the 20th century, however, the use of civet in perfumes became controversial due to concerns over animal welfare. Civets were often kept in small cages and subjected to cruel methods of extraction, such as having their glands painfully scraped. As a result, many perfume companies began using synthetic substitutes instead.

Today, the use of civet in perfumes is rare, but it still exists in some high-end fragrances. The industry has also developed cruelty-free alternatives that mimic the musky scent of civet without harming animals.

Odor: Animalic, faecal, musk, warm. Extremely powerful

Use: Gives a powerful effect to any blend making it more “multi-dimension”

Dilution: 1%

Civet Oil (Synthetic) 5mL



Almond Oil, Beeswax, Natural Essences, Vitamin E.


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