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Zoom Petra Perfume Set
Zoom Petra Perfume Gift Set
Zoom The Treasury at Petra Jordan
Zoom Fasukh Eau de Toilette from Petra Jordan
Zoom Fasoukh Perfume with Cedar Amber Tonka Bean
Zoom The Monastery at Petra Jordan
Zoom White Musk Perfume
Zoom White Musk Leather Sandalwood Perfume
Zoom Madaba Map of Jordan showing Petra and Wadi Araba
Zoom Oud and Rose, Agarwood Damask Rose Perfume
Zoom Arabian Perfume, Rose Damask and Oud
Zoom Hot air balloon rising over Wadi Musa and Petra
Zoom Petra Rock formations
Zoom Petra Treasury viewpoint
Zoom Little Petra before Siq

The Petra Collection Set

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Air thick, hot and spiced. Narrow canyons and tombs carved from red rock hum with ancient voices. Tents of woven goat hair shelter Bedouin vendors trading aromatic materials from all the corners of Arabia. A city that has weathered the rise and fall of empires, paganism and monotheism, earthquakes and floods, and witnessed wars fought in its shadow. It is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places in the world - Petra - ancient capital of the Incense Route, the "rose-red city half as old as time".
Having dreamed of visiting Petra for twenty years, I finally had the opportunity in late 2023. It is not unique to feel the profound effect of Petra, after all, there is a reason it draws thousands of tourists annually and is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city of Petra tells a timeless story. The winding valleys formed by pre-historic riverways reveal rock, as if painted, red, black, pink and yellow. Millions of years of rock formation, once covered by forest now turned to desert, as if the earth undressed to show its nakedness.
Ancient humans, summoned by its beauty, carved into its facades hundreds of mausoleums. Their dead joined eternity within the cliff faces, and the architects remembered for as long as the mountains still stand.
The Petra Perfume Collection evokes the heady dry scents of the desert and the exotic aromatic materials traded there for thousands of years. White Musk and Fasukh take inspiration from the traditions of the B'Dul, a Bedouin tribe that have lived in and around the Petra caves for two centuries. Rich and romantic Oud and Rose embodies Arabian perfume culture featuring two of the most precious ingredients in perfumery.

The Petra Collection Set



Almond Oil, Beeswax, Natural Essences, Vitamin E.


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