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Perfume & Cosmetic Formulas From History

Smelling History

Formulas, recipes and manufacturing techniques for perfume, cosmetics, incense, DIY beauty, and more, from our shared histories.

Includes extracts from The Toilet of Flora, works by G. W. Septimus Piesse, Felix Cola, Jean-Louis Fargeon, recipes from the ancient world, and much more.

'Bandoline' from B. Fenner, 1888

Bandoline was a kind of hair fixer very popular in Western Europe during the 19th century. Contemporaneously they were referred to as "fixatures" along with other products like wax pomatum....

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'Pastils' by Pierre-Joseph Buc'hoz, 1772

Pastils (or Pastilles) are a form of granulated or powdered incense material that is mixed with a sticky binder like as dried fruit, honey, or a soft resin, that is then formed...

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