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How to Light Charcoal Discs

Resin Incense

An ancient form of incense, still used today for spiritual rituals worldwide. Using this technique allows you to have complete control on the quantity and materials you use to scent your space, while also being a fun, tactile way to experience fragrance.

Step 1


Place the charcoal disc in your heatproof vessel and on a heatproof surface or coaster.

Use small metal tongs to hold the disc over your vessel while lighting. If you're nifty with metallic chopsticks, they work too.

The safest & easiest way to ignite the disc is with is with a long-handled lighter, otherwise a candlestick or long matchstick will suffice.

Step 2

Igniting the Charcoal

Hold your disc with your tongs and hover the flame from your lighter against an edge. Never hold the charcoal in your fingers when lighting!

After a while it will spark as the heat travels through the disc, and it will start to glow red. This could take about 10 seconds so don't worry if it doesnt happen isntantly.

Step 3

Add Resin Incense

Your charcoal disc is ready to load when a layer of grey ash covers the entire surface.

Carefully add your incense, resins or dried herbs to the indentation on the top of the tablet. Be wary not to touch the vessel or charcoal while doing this.

You can top up the incense as necessary, but resin incense is very strong and it only takes a pinch to scent a room. Using too much may create a lot of smoke.

Step 4

To Finish

The charcoal tablet will naturally go out once spent, turning to a light coloured ash. Allow the ash and the vessel to completely cool before disposal.

If you need to extinguish it in a hurry, place the disc in a vessel of cool water, but never pour water onto the disk as it will spit heat.


– Charcoal discs and the vessel will get too hot to touch with bare hands.

Never leave burning charcoal unattended

Keep out of reach from children or pets

– Place your censer on a heatproof & stable surface as the metal/ceramic will get very hot and can scald furniture or burn skin. Do not use glass, plastic or wood as a vessel


– Slow the burn of the charcoal disc by placing a layer of sand or spent ash between it and the vessel.

– Charcoal may give off a faint odor during ignition, but should dissipate once the charcoal is completely alight.


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